Complaints Policy


Complaints Procedure

Our Complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction.

Last Updated: 20th October 2020

Version Number: 1.2

Alpha Transfers Complaints Procedure 

Alpha Transfers is a trading name of MDRN FX Services Limited(06401266) registered as a Payment Institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, is subject to the complaint handling rules set out in the Dispute Resolution (DISP) section of the FCA handbook. It is Alpha Transfer’s policy to comply with these requirements in full including that relating to maintenance of complaint records.

While Alpha Transfers takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all client experiences are positive, it accepts that inevitably there will be occasions when they are not. It therefore intends that, where a client wishes to raise a complaint, his frustration is not compounded by a dysfunctional complaint handling process.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the board to ensure that:

  • It is easy for the client to make a complaint — directions to relevant guidance are prominent on the Alpha Transfers website, brochure ware and client documentation;
  • On receipt the complaint is handled promptly, politely and fairly via email to:
  • Every effort is made to understand and resolve the client’s concern without redress to the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”);
  • Alpha Transfer’s actions are properly documented to demonstrate that it has acted fairly through the course of the complaint.

Complaints Handling:


A complaint can be delivered in person, by telephone, by email, in writing or verbally. Upon receipt of a complaint, the compliance Officer shall respond promptly to the client acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

Initial Response

The Compliance Officer will check the client’s concern against Alpha Transfer’s systems and records. If the complaint relates to a delay in a transaction, the Compliance Officer will immediately check its status and inform the client, identifying any remedial action (and redress) as appropriate.

Holding Response

If, for whatever reason, Alpha Transfers is unable to conclude the investigation and provide a Final Response to the complainant within 15 business days of the complaint first being received, then the Company will issue a Holding Response. The purpose of this Holding Response is to inform the complainant.

  • why Alpha Transfers cannot provide a Final Response
  • what Alpha Transfers is doing to progress the complaint; and
  • when Alpha Transfers will provide an indication of what is happening with it

Final Response

As soon as Alpha Transfers has completed its investigation, it will write to the complainant and offer a summary outcome, including any remedial action as necessary. Where appropriate, it may also include a final offer of redress. Such letters must be marked clearly as the final response and will include details on how to contact the Compliance Officer. The Final Response must also state the complainant’s option to refer the complaint to the FOS if (s)he considers that it has not been resolved satisfactorily or that the offer of redress is insufficient. For corporate clients an appropriate arbitrator will be recommended to resolve the issue.

Where a holding response has been sent, and Alpha Transfers has not been able to conclude its investigations within 15 business days of the complaint being first received, it will send its final response within 35 business days of the complaint first being received. In all other cases Alpha Transfers will send its final response within 15 business day of the complaint first being received according to the Regulation 101 of the PSD2 (Payment Service Directive).

Ultimate Redress

If, after contacting all parties, the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint then (s)he may seek redress through the FOS and ultimately the courts if (s)he so wishes.

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