Explain anticipated the countries and volumes of the Transactions:

The customer hereby acknowledges that he/she has received a copy and has reviewed the Alpha Transfers Terms & Conditions. By signing below, the customer further accepts such terms and conditions, and agrees that such terms and conditions shall be govern any and all transactions conducted by Customer through ALPHA TRANSFER. Additionally, the Customer acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to pick up or otherwise obtain a paper or electronic copy of each transaction receipt, and hereby absolves and indemnifies ALPHA TRANSFER from any and all liability whatsoever due to Customer’s failure to secure his/her copy of the receipt.


Documentation Necessary to open an account with Alpha Transfers

In order to register you with Alpha Transfers we need:

• The First Page of this form completed and signed by you.
• A valid proof of ID
• A valid proof of Address

This are the valid proof of ID

• Valid signed passport (preferable)
• UK/EU residence permit
• UK/EU photo driving license
• UK/EU identity card

This are the valid proof of address (whenever possible bring more than 1)
Docs that need to be dated within 3 months

• Gas bill
• Electricity bill
• Water bill
• Telephone bill (Land Line only)
• Sky TV
• Virgin TV
• Credit Card Statement
• must contain : Letter Head, All pages included, Card number, name and address
• Credits Institution Statement (Banks, Buildings Societies, Credit Unions)
• must contain : Letter Head, All pages included, Sort Code / Account Number, name and address.
• Life Insurance / Life Assurance
• Home Office Letter
• Confirming right to work in the UK
• HMRC letter

Docs that are valid for Current Year / Period

• Current Motor insurance Certificate
• All pages
• Currency Tenancy Agreement
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